“Trying” – 4/07/2020

I have always had an aversion to watching whatever show
Everyone is talking about relentlessly or to people telling me
Exactly what new trend I should jump on in whatever realm
It literally made me itch when I sensed pretension’s thumb wrestling
My knowledge of current pop culture with anything but an
Awareness that none of it actually means much to me existentially
Dust on windowsills flies on windowpanes rain racing down gutters

Tonight I’m cauterized watching trash TV tried to be productive did my
Questionable best to create to rededicate to anything apart from
Eating everything within 600 square feet but effort is an artform
I am slowly forgetting how to channel into anything other than
Dissolution dedication is something I funnel mostly into cleaning
Poorly I lie in bed my limbs sore from moving so little I remember
These feelings well I recovered from them not too long ago doubt
Belittles hope enthusiastically decisions become haunted mansions

Posterity pressures shamelessly do more than you’ve already done
Delirious, dauntless presence luxuriates in infuriating infernal abandon
Yesterday’s privileged innocence hid time bombs of insurrection
From smooth hands newness emerged monsoons misdirecting skin’s
Intelligence vs. irreverence effort balances on the edge of a sneeze
Windows up visors down we can desperately resist the doing now but
Oh tomorrow’s ego will get you stupendously episodic this show of dao