Decoration Day

"Decoration Day" - 5/25/20

Considering the heroes fallen
I necessarily well up with tears and fall in
To a kind of trance-overwhelm where
Gratitude and history combine

Reverence can be sublime
It comforts loved ones, assures families
Of those who have been lost that
Sacrifice was not in vain

This morning a governor wisely
Reminded (quoting Kennedy and Lincoln)
That the most sacred way we can revere
Ultimate sacrifices of those who've defended

Freedom to the best of their abilities unselfishly
Is to live freely remembering constantly
That freedom is precious and best honored
Not only through pretty words but appreciative actions

If it is in my power to help I vow anew to honor you
Our myriad memorialized heroes by acknowledging
Immediately and always that were it not for you
I would likely have perished because unity's my creed

And those who your heroic commitment freed
Are as much a part of consciousness' fabric
As children kite-flying blissfully or butterflies the world
Over beautifying humanity's holiest story-telling breeze