"Oxygen" - 5/24/21

When you give and give and give
And you know it makes a difference
It is a gratifying thing, a precious thing, a gossamer
Web of soulful beauty butterfly escaping prismatic cells of want

When you live and live and live
And you know your days contain progress
It is a clarifying ring, a sound as pure as rainfall
Drops of hopeful empathy foals finding legs petals seeking sun

When you lie and lie and lie
Down motionless while sirens wail outside windows
Knowing they're echoing warnings, depths of sorrow's woe
What to do as hope's answers elude and history's embers glow?

I hold you now with the knowledge that exhaustion must rest
I see your face with a non-judgmental magnifying glass, best
I hold your hand and feel its skin-breath soft with forgiveness
Yielding to oxygen's ephemeral slow-dance with restlessness