Notice The Clouds
"Notice The Clouds" - 5/31/21
Every day she rereads a few sayings - tweets, collected
By Yoko from a book gifted at her lowest point
A loving friend had a perfect instinct, blessing her
With possibility where she saw none so meditation
Began whether Ono's clever avant brand or Headspace
She ran unbridled flying shoes she'd never noticed
She'd had on taking tours - as recommended - globally
In her own mind. She also relearned the fine practice of
Feeling sorry for a bully and in so doing distilled hope
So now, when taking stock of this familiar behavior
From which she distanced herself internally long ago
Hanging paper wishes on magic trees inside her heart
She flips pages of gratitude quiet with self-awareness
That white noise has no bearing against an ability
To listen, knowingly, and to think no when yes = cruelty