After Show
"After Show" - 2/13/22
Sitting in the green room masked up guards down
Connecting with masterful conversationalists
Who happen to also be master musicians
It occurs to me as frequently as breathing
That "it doesn't get any better than this"
Easy laughter among kindred spirits
Film recommendations pepper discussion
Of design fetishes and rock 'n roll reminiscences
Family and history the meaning of life in a nutshell
Is laid out before me once again after lamentable
Dry spells so long I'd almost forgotten what it felt
Like to not want to leave to not want a night to end
Lately I'd been staying up literally all night
Sleep had become, these several months,
As elusive as a rhyme for orange but in these
Smiling eyes I see my soul's refracted affection
So often in a vacuum of vacuous input hallelujah for
Friendship's in-the-know, group-exhaling afterglow