Year of Yes
"Year of Yes" - 1/1/23
'22 was the year that I learned to say no
Unequivocally, fire-irrefutably so
'23 I'll (re)learn to slow-savor the YES!
To daydreaming/reclaiming/asserting my best
My best that's no longer for fate to decide
No clamoring begging or feigning false pride
I know in my soul just like you him and her
I've purpose beyond childhood ambition's blur
I'm painting an alphabet based on what's just
Starting with L for laughter ending with T for trust
The vowels in yellow the consonants blue
Jagged with impatience reaching for what's true
In Hebrew each letter is laden with meaning
I'd love to show up everyday aleph-beating
My heart open wide like the mouth of a cave
Darkness evolving from earth's womb to stars' rave
I want more than anything else to hold wonder
Inside like a secret from hour to hour
Knowing the full range of life's orchestral embers
Feeling without burning concurring with flowers