"Friends" - 12/31/22
What is the purpose of being alive
A question that burns is an invite to thrive
An inquiry into what matters is #goals
Conversation with kindred or divergent souls
No matter the context a party or sidewalk
A run-in on Main Street some airport lounge smalltalk
There's nothing I love more than face to face kibitzing
Windows are open heaven's reminiscing
A toast in a hallway champagne glass in hand
No matter if standing onstage or in sand
At sunset or midnight zooming from the sofa
The chance to renew life's refractive menorah
I'm more of a one on one sort at a soiree 
A quiet corner's where you'll most likely find me
I love to have tea (proverbial - could be coffee)
And ask "how've you been? What's in process/upcoming?"
Sometimes the response is a doleful deflection
Some days a gentle gratitude acknowledgement
A good kvetch is perfectly fine between friends
No one needs to have answers just listening makes sense
At this point in my life I am focused foremost
On two things above all else and at this year's close
It occurs to me joyfully future's disguise 
Is the diptych of pupils dancing in your eyes